Carbon fiber is no match for a hydraulic press

Thanks to carbon fiber's amazing strength and light weight, it has rapidly become the miracle material for the car industry. However, even the most advanced materials still have their limits, which are particularly evident when those materials are smashed in a massive press.

Unsurprisingly, this video comes to us from the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube, and the operators have a number of pieces of carbon fiber to try out. They place them in the press in a variety of positions, most of which result in disaster for the components because carbon fiber is only really strong in certain directions. Tubes crush like toilet paper rolls or crumple into a pile of woven carbon fabric depending on orientation. But, the press nearly meets its match with a block made of several layers of carbon fiber. It's also interesting that none of the parts really shatter like we sometimes see when racecars crash. Check out the video above for all the gratuitous destruction.

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