Have you been trying to figure out what you want to do with your life? If you love the idea of working with your hands and working on vehicles, then you certainly want to contemplate becoming an auto mechanic. In Vermont, there are automotive technician jobs available throughout the state. Of course, you need to have training first, and you probably want to know how much you could possibly make working in this field.

The salary for mechanics can vary quite a bit, and it will often depend on the state in which the mechanic jobs are available, as well as the amount of training and certifications that the mechanic has. In the United States, median salary for mechanics varies from $31,000 per year to $41,000 per year. Some mechanics, will make a substantial amount more than this. Again it is based on their certifications and experience. A master mechanic is always going to make more than somebody who is fresh out of school.

As mentioned, location is also very important. In the state of Vermont, the mean annual wage for a mechanic is $37,340. Some in the state can make up to $53,000 per year. Before you can get a job as a mechanic, you want to go through training.

Training helps increase earning potential

Since having more certifications and better training can increase the amount of money you are able to make, it makes sense for perspective mechanics to look into the various ways that they can improve their financial outlook through certifications.

ASE certification is highly sought after. It is offered through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, and it is considered to be the premier certification. They provide certification in nine different focuses. These include brakes, engine repair, automatic transmission and transaxle, heating and air-conditioning, suspension and steering, electronic systems, manual drivetrain and axles, vehicle diesel engines, and engine performance. Those who pass certification for all of these areas are then ASE Master Technicians.

In some cases, an automotive technician might want to specialize in a certain type of vehicle, or certain engine or system. Ford, Volvo, and Toyota are some of the certification options available.

Proper training

Even before getting certification, those who want to enter this field need to have training as a mechanic. The state of Vermont has a number of different options for those who want to go to school for this field. Vermont Tech has courses available, as does Penn Foster, which is an online school. Some might also want to get their training out of state at UTI, Universal Technical Institute. The closest campus is located in Massachusetts in Norwood, and it offers a 51-week course that covers a wide range of different areas so you will learn how to diagnose, maintain, and repair vehicles. It is a comprehensive course that covers everything from the basics to advanced computerized tech in vehicles today.

With the right training, as well as certifications, it is possible to make a good living with auto mechanic jobs. The following is the only school that offers hands-on training options in the state.

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This article originally appeared on YourMechanic.com as How Much Does a Mechanic Make in Vermont? and was authored by Valerie Johnston.

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