When it comes to staying alert on road trips, we often resort to a combination of loud music, copious amounts of caffeine and salty gas station snacks. However, Volkswagen says physical activity is the best way to fight road trip fatigue. Sure, we've all had to take stretch breaks on long drives, but has anyone else ever created such a specific routine? In the video, VW shows a fit young woman demonstrating a series of exercises including shoulder rotations, various arm and leg stretches, running in place and "dips."

In typical German style, each exercise has a precise number of repetitions of time frames. We imagine a room full of VW engineers taking the time to calculate the most efficient way to limber up and wake up for a long drive. VW is probably right that getting out of the car is good for staying loose and alert, but we think you can probably do about as well with a nice, quick walk or good stretch. Check out the entire workout above.

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