Many people in the state of Oregon are looking for better and more stable ways to make an income, and getting an automotive technician job could be a solid option. Of course, even though becoming a mechanic might sound like a great job, you are probably wondering just how much your potential earnings might be.

It is important to realize that the amount of money a mechanic earns tends to vary substantially by their location. In the United States, the median auto mechanic salary is $31,000 to more than $41,000. However, there are variances based on the amount of training a mechanic has under his or her belt, as well as whether they are certified or not. The state is also a factor.

For those who are in Oregon, the average salary for mechanic jobs is $37,000. However, those who are lead techs may make between $38,000 and $39,000, while an automotive technician master in Oregon could earn around $45,000.

Training increases earning potential

Naturally, most people who are interested in auto technician jobs want to earn the most money possible for their profession. This means that training is essential.

The training will typically take between six months and a year to complete for the basic mechanic program. The programs will include work in the classroom, as well as hands-on experience. There are a number of different schools located in the state of Oregon, as well as in surrounding states. While most of the schools are traditional, in-person training, there are also online schools available as well.

Those who have ASE certification have the potential to earn more. ASE certification is provided by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. They offer certification in nine different areas including automatic transmission, brakes, engine repair, heating and air-conditioning, suspension and steering, light vehicle diesel engines, engine performance, electrical and electronic systems, and manual drivetrain and axles.

Training as a mechanic

There are 22 schools for auto mechanics in Oregon, and they are spread across much of the state. Those who want to become mechanics can look into junior colleges as well as vocational schools to receive training for the auto mechanic job. Vocational schools have programs specifically for those who want to work with engines, and many can begin studying at a vocational school even when they are in high school. Those who want to have an Associate’s degree can always go to community college, which can offer a two-year program. Another option would be to get an education at a specialized mechanic school.

Top schools include the following:

As it with many things in life, getting the right training can make a world of difference when it comes to job prospects as well as salary. Good training can make it much easier to find a great job in Oregon that pays well.

If you are considering becoming a mechanic, the right auto mechanic jobs are going to be much easier to come by when you have a good education as your foundation.

Work as a mobile mechanic

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