Very first Shelby Cobra sells for $13.75 million, a new record for an American car

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
Any original Shelby Cobra is worth a heck of a lot of money, but the very first Cobra, which you can see in our image gallery just above, is worth more than any other. Chassis number CSX2000 just sold at auction for $13.75 million (that's a final bid of $12.5 million plus auction fees), making it the most expensive American car ever sold at auction. The record was previously held by a 1968 Ford GT40.

This particular Cobra is notable for more than just being the first assembled by Carroll Shelby and his crew. It was painted several different colors within the first year of its life as it was shipped from event to event to make it appear that production had officially kicked off in earnest. It hadn't, but the trick worked. It finally ended up the brilliant shade of blue you see above, and it's never been restored. That means it has the kind of patina that collectors covet these days.

Here's hoping the car's new owner does more than just keep it stored in a climate-controlled garage. Actually, we do hope it's stored in a climate-controlled garage... but we also hope it get driven, just as God and Carroll Shelby intended.

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