This week, Michael Austin and David Gluckman talk about the latest industry news, olympics for cars, and terrible fast food, plus we spend someone else's money. (It's actually someone else twice removed, because the guy who asked for advice is passing it along to his mother-in-law. We apologize in advance.)

We also have some news about changes to the Autoblog Podcast. You'll notice that our long-time host Dan Roth is not in this episode. He's been busy lately with real work, so we're bringing the podcast in-house. Hopefully that means you'll hear a more diverse selection of voices from across the Autoblog staff, and Dan will return as an occasional contributor. We're also trying out a modified format, and we're working on a new theme song. Lots of newness.

The rundown, as always, is below. Please leave us feedback here or in an email, and if you have a question you'd like us to answer or want questionable buying advice, send a message or a voice memo to podcast at autoblog dot com.

Autoblog Podcast #484

Topics and stories we mention
Hosts: Michael Austin, David Gluckman

  • Intro - 00:00
  • The news - 1:28
  • We're not watching the Olympics, but we're Olympians - 14:36
  • Spending other people's money, Dave Kruger edition - 20:12
  • Deep thoughts on the Whopperito - 26:46
Total Duration: 34:54

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