The McLaren 570GT has a huge glass roof. It looks cool, but it can let a lot of light in, which is not so cool. To solve this (and to show off the latest in custom pieces and paint), McLaren Special Operations has gone to work on the car, in the process making it a little more special. In traditional MSO fashion, the 570GT by MSO Concept isn't an all-new car, but more of a makeover for the road-friendly sports car. McLaren released details on its latest concept ahead of the car's official debut at Pebble Beach.

While the majority of the bespoke touches amount to special paint and badging, the niftiest feature is an electrochromic roof that's being developed for production. McLaren added an electrochromic interlayer within the 570GT's standard glass roof that uses electric current to adjust the amount of light coming in through the roof, with five different settings that range from clear to dark. The roof should be a welcome touch for drivers in warmer, sunnier climates, and it should help reduce the occurrence of reflections on the car's display screens, an issue we found on our first drive.

This isn't the first time an electrochromic glass roof has made its way to a high-end vehicle, as Mercedes-Benz offers similar tech, dubbed Magic Sky Control, on its roadsters and the Maybach. The touch-sensitive headliner used to control it, though, is new technology. Plus it just sounds cool.

Besides the roof, the 570GT by MSO Concept is fitted with a richer-sounding titanium exhaust system that is lighter than the standard stainless steel system and features heat shields that are finished in a golden titanium nitride tint, a nod to the McLaren F1's gold-lined engine bay. The system also acts as a built-in rainbow, changing colors from blue to purple and back as it gets hot and cools down.

Other unique touches include a pearl white paint job with gloss-lacquered carbon-fiber sill panels and gloss black on the side skirts, wheels, and door inserts. The "By McLaren" interior has saddle tan leather and more bits of carbon fiber. Those items aren't the most exciting, even by MSO standards, but we can totally get behind the trick roof and gold-tinted exhaust.

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