A proud dad, jazzed on adrenaline, posted a video of his daughter's first few minutes of life this week while he was still in the driver's seat of the family car on the way to the hospital.

Jesse Blaze Snider and his wife Patty were rushing to the hospital when their little girl was born right in the passenger seat. Snider made a short video while stopped at a traffic light. He admitted that it was his third attempt at making a video, since his high adrenaline made his first two takes unacceptable.

"Parker Pryde, born at about 2:50ish. We were a little surprised by it all," Snider said in his Instagram video.

"She was born on the 405," Patricia said in the video.

"We waited a little bit long to leave, I think. But the baby is healthy - and already breastfeeding!" Jesse said into the camera. He had to stop recording when the light at the intersection turned green. The couple made their way to the hospital. He later updated his Instagram with pictures Parker doing well in the hospital surrounded by her three siblings.

Jesse is the son of Dee Snider, lead singer of the 80s metal band Twisted Sister. The rocker welcomed Parker into the world on Twitter.

Women having children in cars is uncommon, but definitely happens. Mother nature keeps to her own time table. She doesn't care if the president's motorcade is blocking traffic, or if you're already on your way to the hospital. If that baby is coming, it's coming and you'd better be ready.

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