1968 'Rent-a-Racer' Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 H hits eBay

An ex-rental car you definitely shouldn't pass up.

Generally speaking, buying a car that was part of a rental fleet is a god awful idea. The things people subject a rental to are unspeakable. Steering clear of a car that has been passed around like beer-bong in a frat house is a rule to live by. However, if there's a reason to make an exception, this 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 H listed on eBay might be it.

After a lapse in 1967, Carroll Shelby and Hertz brought back the "Rent-A-Racer" program by adding the Shelby GT350 to Hertz's Sports Car Club fleet. Having the benefit of time to study the numbers from the 1966 program, Hertz dropped their order from 999 cars to 223 (according to the good folks at Marti, 224 according to the Shelby Registry), cut 20 cities from the program, and scaled back their marketing efforts.

The cars were still immensely popular and with fewer of them having been produced, the '68 GT350 H went on to enjoy status as a very unique, and very valuable Mustang.

This example is particularly noteworthy because of all the option boxes that were ticked. This is no stripped out rental car, it's got everything you could possibly ask for in a classic Mustang.

For starters, it has power steering and power disc brakes up front, two things that are always welcome on a muscle car of this era. Additional options include a tilt steering column, Selectaire A/C, tachometer, trip odometer, fold down rear seat, wheel well moldings, and of course, an AM radio for smooth listening. The all important interior decor group was selected as well which added a significant amount of wood paneling and Shelby badging.

Under the hood lies the same 230-horsepower 302 V8 found in non-Hertz GT350s, and it's mated to the original C4 automatic transmission that was found in all the '68 Hertz Shelbys. Given how clean the car looks for an example with 91,866 miles on it, and that the listing says is "highly restored", I think it's safe to say that the Candy Apple Red paint and side stripes are not original. That's ok though, I'll take a car like this looking mint rather than "finely patinated" any day of the week.

Further details about the nature of the car's life can be dug up using the Deluxe Marti Report as a starting point, as well as the original build sheet that's included with the car. One thing we know for sure, it was sold in Hartford, Connecticut, and there's not a spot of rust to be seen, so whoever did the restoration did a great job.

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