Well, this is ironic. Germany, a nation known for its (over)engineering and speed-limitless highways has built a speed camera the likes of which motorists have never seen. A company called Vitronic built this stealthy ticket issuer, the Enforcement Trailer.

This deployable monitor is wireless – get caught speeding and it relays encrypted photos and information about your infraction to the local constabulary. And although it doesn't look like it, the Enforcement Trailer is actually a trailer; its wheels hide in the body when it's set up to make it harder to steal. The trailer function also makes it easier to move to a new location to ruin the day of a new group of unsuspecting motorists, an advantage (for law enforcement, anyway) over the fixed Gatso speed camera. Or, you know, police can leave the mechanical cop monitoring speeders in one spot for five straight days, thanks to its high-performance batteries. And if that's not scary enough, it can monitor speeds on multiple lanes of traffic and enforce different speed limits at different times of the day.

The ET is also wildly durable – its heavy-duty shell is bulletproof. That seems like something that might come in more handy in the US, where guns are more plentiful, but it likely also means the machine is impact resistant, a good thing since it can be stationed right on a narrow shoulder as shown above. With the wheels and trailer chassis stowed in the body, it takes determination to move it without a set of keys. And if someone is foolish enough to try and mess with the trailer, an alarm warns the cops. Thankfully, it's not armed, and we don't think the body has self-healing capabilities. Yet.

Basically, if you're a lead-footed European, there's no escaping the Enforcement Trailer. Watch your speedometers, friends.

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