Mercedes-AMG E63 sedan and wagon caught nearly camo-free

Mercedes-AMG's next super sedan is almost ready for production.

With the Mercedes-AMG E63 due to debut in October and a single round of spy photos dated in March, we're long overdue for this super sedan to lose more camouflage. And that's what's happening in this video, showing the upcoming sedan and wagon models with a skimpy disguise.

Despite a lot more juice than the 396-horsepower AMG E43, the E63's fascia looks mostly the same. The side intakes are bigger and there's a larger chin spoiler below the main lower intake, but two cars faces are broadly similar. The fact that Mercedes kept its camouflage from the A-pillar forward suggests a different hood – we think there's a subtle power dome compared to the E43, but it's hard to be certain – and unique front fenders. On that front, expect some kind vent-like body cut where the engine badge will sit, just like the last-gen E63.

In back, the wagon's only camo is along the rear bumper while Mercedes camo'd the sedan's trunk, too. For the four-door, expect a subtle duck-bill spoiler on the lid, while both cars have AMG's now traditional, quadruple rectangular exhaust tips. That's the biggest departure from the spy photos we posted back in March – we're absolutely looking at a production rear fascia. Mercedes integrated the pipes into the bumper but they look larger and more prominent than the E43's, which is fitting in a car rumored to have 600 ponies from a 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8.

We're standing by our prediction for the E63's debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in October. These two cars are way too production ready to warrant Mercedes pushing an introduction beyond the season-opening show in Europe.

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