Man feels lucky to be alive after flipping car eight times

A man in Florida was able to thank the good samaritans who saved his life Thursday after a violent crash left him with only minor scrapes and bruises. Joe Myers credited his rescuers, telling ABC 7 they were the only reason he was still alive.

"After seeing the video I am shocked I am even here, I am grateful," Myers said. It's a miracle I'm even here. I'm thankful for those people for saving me."

Footage of Myer's crash went viral last week, due to the violence shown in the video. Myer's car rolled at least eight times, hitting the ground hard with every flip. Surveillance cameras recorded the rescue efforts as bystanders rushed to the wreck to put out fires and pull Myer from the driver's seat. The rescuers eventually flipped Myer's car back on to its wheels and pulled him from the sunroof. WESH reported the crash began when Myer struck a mailbox. He then hit some ATVs that were parked outside a scooter store and continued to spin out of control before landing on upside down.

First responders arrived soon after Myers was extracted from the wreck. He was rushed to an area hospital, but came away with only minor injuries. The situation could have been a lot worse. Rollover crashes have the highest fatality rates out of any other type of crash, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. So far, no cause for the initial accident has been identified, however Myer told ABC 7 he won't be driving again until he gets a full physical.

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