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Find out how to clean sensitive vehicle headliners on this episode of Autoblog Details. Watch all our Autoblog Details videos for more quick car care tips from professional detailer Larry Kosilla.

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[00:00:00] Unlike carpet and floor mats, headliners have very short pile fabric that's extremely delicate and can't be oversoaked or heavily scrubbed. Find out how to clean these sensitive areas of your car on this episode of Details. My name is Larry Kosilla And I'm a professional detailer. Together with Autoblog, we're creating the ultimate collection of quick car care videos. This is Autoblog Details.

[00:00:30] Here are the items you'll need for this task. First spray fabric cleaner on a clean microfiber towel. Gently dab the stain with light to medium pressure. Do not scrub hard, push hard, or twist the towel. Too much pressure will stretch the headliner and eventually cause the headliner to sag over time. If this was unsuccessful then spray fabric cleaner onto a soft bristle, interior brush. Gently agitate the headliner to create a small section of suds.

[00:01:00] Immediately blot the suds with a dry microfiber towel to remove the lifted dirt. For stubborn grease stains mix white vinegar three to one, with warm water. Dip the brush into the solution and gently scrub the stain. White vinegar is also helpful when trying to clean cigarette smell out of headliner fabric. If you have access to a steam machine, they can be very helpful if used properly. To do this wrap the head of the nozzle in a microfiber towel. With the nozzle pressure on medium blot the headliner to kill bacteria

[00:01:30] and to lift most stains. The goal with any technique is to avoid over soaking
or over heating the headliner glue which will create a split between the cushion and the roof, causing the headliner to sag over time. When cleaning headliners it's important
to try a small test area first, especially if the vehicle is five or ten years old. In some cases, extremely brittle and saggy headliners can only be replaced and not cleaned, so keep that in mind when you're working on your car. For more how-to car care videos visit Autoblog dot com slash details.

[00:02:00] I'm Larry Kosilla from Ammo NYC dot com, thanks for watching. [00:02:06]

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