London is banning the purchase of diesel vehicles for its municipal fleets. Exceptions include vehicles for which there currently isn't a clean alternative, such as the tractors used to maintain green spaces. The diesel ban is the latest in a long line of efforts by the city to tackle its longstanding air pollution problem, which London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called a "public health emergency." The City of London Corporation currently operates a fleet of over 300 vehicles, many beyond the borders of the city. Read more at Green Car Congress, or in the statement from the City of London.

The planet is nearing peak fossil fuel use for the production of electricity. According to a forecast from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, cheaper renewable energy and energy storage stand to replace coal and natural gas despite their continued affordability. EVs are predicted to make up 35 percent of light duty vehicles in 2040, which will spur demand for electricity, keeping the industry from a destabilizing decline. India is expected to replace China as the biggest threat to the environment, as it will likely continue to rely on its coal reserves as electricity demand multiplies. Learn more from Bloomberg.

ChargePoint has appointed former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm to its Board of Directors. The EV charging company chose Michigan's first woman governor for her industry and policy expertise, as well as for her history of clean energy advocacy. "She was incredibly successful in attracting clean energy innovation, new jobs, and other investment to the State of Michigan as governor," says ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano. "Her expertise working with diverse stakeholders will help us expand EV charging infrastructure nationwide and reduce reliance on fossil fuels for transportation." Granholm is also a law and public policy professor at UC Berkeley, project scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and senior partner on energy policy for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Read more at ChargePoint.

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