A pair of dogs decided to take their owner's car on a joyride and crashed it into a West Virginia Walmart.

According to WSAZ, an employee was taking her break in front of the Walmart in Wayne, W.VA., when she noticed a beige Mercury Grand Marquis roll slowly out of a nearby parking space and creep toward the store. The employee told WSAZ that the car moved straight for her, and at first she assumed that it was someone she knew having a little fun at her expense. It wasn't a person she knew at the wheel, however. It wasn't a person at all, and as the car got closer the employee realized that there was a tiny dog at the wheel.

The witness stepped out of the way of the slow-moving Mercury as it bumped over the curb and crashed into the front of the store. She saw a small, shaggy brown dog in the driver's seat, and an equally small black dog riding shotgun. As the car came to rest, the dog in the passenger seat managed to roll the window down.

The Mercury's owner was paged, and turned out to be an elderly woman who the witness said appeared to be in her late 70s. The elderly owner told Wayne County Sheriff deputies that she had left the car running while she ran into the store so the dogs would stay cool. The dogs apparently bumped the car into drive and the car idled its way into the store's facade.

The incident caused minimal cosmetic damage to the store and the car, and the dogs were not injured in the low-speed collision.

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