In Elon Musk's wideranging second "master plan" for Tesla Motors, he revealed plans for a minibus, described as a "high passenger-density urban transport." The only detail provided was that it is in the "early stages of development" at Tesla and that the company will unveil it at some point in 2017.

A lack of detail can be an excuse to publicly think about something, which iswhy Jalopnik wrote up a post about how Tesla's new microbus might stomp all over VW's endless stream of VW Combi-style electric minibus concepts (and lack of actual product). The thought that this upcoming microbus will be based on the Model X platform got official credence thanks to a Tweet by Tesla CEO Musk, confirming the suggestion. Musk's second master plan also talks about an electric pick-up, something that has been hinted at for years (for example, that it might be built in Texas). There's more to this news, too. Again on Twitter, Musk talked about a variant, something more like a Ford Transit Connect utility van, that could be built on the pickup's forthcoming platform. A vehicle like this would me a lot of sense in Europe, where work vans are more commonly used than pickup trucks for jobs. Related Video:

Musk Reveals Master Plan for Tesla

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