Mercedes-Benz is pulling an advertisement for the redesigned 2017 E-Class sedan after various safety groups asked the Federal Trade Commission to open an investigation into the ad campaign, reports Automotive News. The safety groups claimed the ad misleadingly depicted the vehicle's driver-assist systems. The new E-Class isn't a self-driving car, but Mercedes launched a few ad campaigns highlighting the car's autonomous capabilities.

The ad showed a driver taking his hands off the wheel and not putting them back, despite the E-Class's Drive Pilot system requiring drivers to make contact with the steering wheel every 30 seconds. The ad did have a disclaimer at the bottom, which stated the vehicle could not drive itself, but the campaign could mislead prospective buyers into believing the vehicle can drive on its own without any input from the driver.

Mercedes spokeswoman Donna Boland told Automotive News that the automaker pulled the E-Class ad down because of the potential for confusion. Mercedes' Drive Pilot system has automated steering and advanced adaptive cruise control that gives the vehicle some autonomous capability, but doesn't make the E-Class a self-driving car.

The YouTube version of the ad is no longer available to be viewed and is marked as private.

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