Among the many cheesy scenes in the Fast and Furious series, Fast 7 has its fair share. One of our favorites involves dropping cars out the back of a giant cargo plane. Here's what that process looks like without the help of stunt work... and Vin Diesel.

This video combines a timelapse of the loading and real-time footage of the far more dramatic unloading of eight Humvees from a C-17 Globemaster at 5,000 feet. The C-17 belongs to the 16th Airlift Squadron based out of Joint Base Charleston, in South Carolina, while the drop is at Fort Bragg, NC. YouTube user AiirSource Military assembled the video from USAF footage, and did a damn good job splicing all the different angles together – you'll want to wait for the Humvee's POV. It gives a good sense of just how slowly the trucks leave the plane and how quick and violent their touchdown is.

This, of course, is a prime example of what happens when the military drops Humvees correctly. For a look at what happens when things go wrong, you'll want to check out this other video.

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