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I am just an average Joe who likes to have the option to drive life in either normal or sport mode, figuratively speaking. I bought one of the first generation new school Dodge Dart's that appeared in 2012 which I thought and felt were very sporty and sophisticated looking for a compact sedan. At first I wanted a more economical vehicle for gas mileage because of the long drive I had to endure to and from work. Going on almost four years now I really enjoy the practicality of my normally aspirated Dodge Dart Limited. With over 60,000 miles now and a few years under her belt I now begin to search for performance upgrades that will help continue the novelty experience I first felt when I purchased my Dart.

Most Dart enthusiasts would opt for the 2.4 L4 6-speed Rallye or the DDCT 1.4 L4 Turbo because of the "performance" stance built into the platform from the factory. As a budget performance modder I enjoy making a car that is not meant to go fast and transform it into a street contender. To do so there are many aftermarket products such as cold air intakes, exhaust, and turbo upgrades that can be bolted on. This is where Dodge has really put a halt to any individuality car enthusiasts can possible have.

For my 2013 Dodge Dart Limited 2.0 L4 6-speed automatic with VVT technology it has so much hidden potential but the manufacturer will not allow any access to upgrade the or change any of the ECU software through peripherals such as handheld tuners or even desktop tuning software. So to get around this Dart owners are forced to look towards other alternatives to produce better results such as forced induction that can be quite pricey for the budget modder. After all it is a four cylinder, it is an automatic, and it is a Dart. As an owner and performance enthusiast I enjoy being able to take something and make it faster that it was originally, safely anyways. I personally, along with many other Dart owners, feel that the normally aspirated Dodge Dart has been left behind unwillingly by both the manufacturer and aftermarket.

2013 Dodge Dart Rear

So to answer the question if the 2013 Dodge Dart Limited 2.0 has been left in the dust....yes. Is there room for improvement....very much so. It will take a lot of research and development from aftermarket companies and individuals to development products that will bring the 2013 Dodge Dart Limited up to par. It is easy to go an purchase another car that has more options, but why not have the option and opportunity to make any car fast. Especially with one that has so much potential. So for now I will continue to improve upon my Dart as much as possible until the opportunity presents itself to get more out of the 2013 Dodge Dart Limited.

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