What Ford GT acceptance and rejection letters look like

Potential owners are either going to be overjoyed or heartbroken.

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Imagine what everyone that put in a request to purchase a Ford GT is experiencing this week, as acceptance and rejection letters for the twin-turbocharged supercar start arriving in 6,506 mailboxes.

On the one hand, the rejection letters are probably the saddest thing we've read in a long time. Not merely because it denies an owner a dream, but because it's also jarringly upbeat. Where a college rejection letter goes out of its way to express how sad the school is for you and explain why you didn't get accepted, the Ford GT rejection letter leaves owners with an almost certainly false degree of hope.

Here's the official text, published by Jalopnik after Ford rejected one of its readers:

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Ford GT!

We are thrilled that you share our passion for performance and the all-new Ford GT.

The demand for Ford GT from enthusiasts like you has surpassed our very limited production. Unfortunately, we do not have enough Ford GTs to fulfill your request at this time.

We have confirmed our Ford GT production plans for only two years. However, if additional production is confirmed, your application information will remain in your profile for easy updating.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to stay connected to the latest announcements, news and information through our website:

Thank you, again, for your passion for our all-new supercar.

The Ford GT Team

Ouch. And we thought "We regret to inform you," was a tough pill to swallow.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the lengthier acceptance letter, which gets the good news right out of the way. "Congratulations! You've been selected for the opportunity to purchase a new Ford GT," the letter reads. It goes on to claim that "Your passion for performance and for the Ford GT" is enough secure a spot in the limited, two-year production run. From there, there's details about "time-sensitive" documents, "welcome guides," and a "concierge service." Auto Pacific's Dave Sullivan published the image of the letter on Twitter – which included a cold bottle of Moët – after a friend received the good news. You can see the tweet below.

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