Some of the best things in this world came about when people trying to do one thing, created something else. Silly Putty and Post-It notes are two wonderful inventions that exist because their creators didn't accomplish their original goals.

Now, thanks to an interview by Motoring, we know the drift mode in the Focus RS can join those ranks. The Australian publication talked with Tyrone Johnson, a vehicle and engineering manager for Ford Performance, who told the story.

Johnson said two of his engineers were busy developing all-wheel-drive settings for the car. One of them decided to try a new setting and had fun with it. So he and the other engineer kept tweaking and adjusting things until they had the drift mode. Johnson wasn't sure why they came up with it.

"I guess it's just because we are a bunch of crazy guys," Johnson told Motoring. "We just do things."

Admittedly that quote won't help with keeping drift mode in the Aussie Focus RS, a situation Johnson thinks is a ridiculous. But he said the drift mode won over Raj Nair, global technical and development chief for Ford, who after seeing the mode immediately decided to make it a feature and a major selling point. The rest is history, and the world gets to live in a world where a car comes from the factory ready to drift.

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