Chicago thief inadvertently saves dog stuck in hot truck

A Chicago area German shepherd was saved from certain death by hot car this week by an unlikely good Samaritan–a smash and grab thief.

According to The Chicagoist, on the morning of Monday, July 25, a Chicago man left his laptop and German shepherd locked in his big Ford Super Duty on West Erie Street and ducked into the Irish Nobleman Pub. While he was taking his ease in the pub, the dog was sweltering in the increasingly hot vehicle. Luckily for the dog, a pack of thieves were casing the street for easy to grab loot and spotted the laptop sitting on the truck's passenger seat. One of the thieves smashed out the window, grabbed the laptop, and the group set off with their ill-gotten gains.

After about an hour, the owner returned to find his window and laptop missing. He spoke with the Nobleman's owner, and during their conversation he mentioned that he had left his dog in the truck for "15 to 20 minutes". Candace Zynda, who runs the bar with her boyfriend Declan Morgan, were outraged at hearing that the dog had been left in the car. Despite the early hour, the temperature in Chicago was already over 80 degrees, which meant that it was likely near 120 degrees in the locked truck. Upon pulling up surveillance footage of the truck and the break-in, they realized that the owner had left the dog in the vehicle for an hour.

"I would have done it if I saw it," said Zynda, referring to knocking out the truck's window.

Dogs getting sick or dying of heat exhaustion in hot vehicles is an unfortunately common occurrence during the summer months. The American Veterinary Association states that temperatures inside cars can reach up to 40 degrees above outside temps. Cracking windows and opening sunroofs does little to help the situation, and the AVA suggests leaving pets at home instead of taking them along on errands.

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