Talk and criticism of the Trans-Pacific Partnership might be all the rage this week as the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, but based on the comments of one union official, there's another free trade deal that could get some work.

According to UAW President Dennis Williams, if elected former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she will renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. As previously reported by Reuters, Clinton has already said she'd like to rework NAFTA, which her husband, President Bill Clinton, signed into law in late 1993. Williams wants a renegotiated NAFTA to foster stronger unions in Mexico, which is a restrained point of view considering his past criticism of the trade agreement.

Williams most recently spoke against NAFTA in April, after Ford announced it was building a new factory in Mexico. He argued that "every investment in Mexico means jobs that could have and should have been available right here in the USA."

"This is another example of what's wrong with NAFTA and why the TPP would be a disaster for the citizens of the United States," Williams said earlier this year. "Companies continue to run to low-wage countries and import back into the United States. This is a broken system that needs to be fixed."

The situation was a rare occurrence where a major labor union and an eventual Republican presidential nominee were on the same page.

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