Smart brings back the 1970s with a fabric-covered hardtop

But why?

In a move that only makes sense to Daimler, the Germans are bringing back a style we all thought was finally dead. Yes, starting in September, a fabric-covered hard top will be standard on the Smart Fortwo coupe.

Smart announced today a number up updates for the current generation of Fortwo. At the top, literally and figuratively, is a black-fabric roof that will be standard equipment on all Fortwo coupes. For Brabus owners that feel they're missing out, the fabric roof is a no-cost option that replaces the panoramic glass roof. This isn't a cabriolet or a soft targa. It's just a standard hard top with a cloth covering.

smart fortwo 2016, Volldach mit Stoffbezug in schwarz ;  smart fortwo 2016, soft-top look roof;

Other updates to the Fortwo don't seem so left field. A new LED lighting and sensor package will be available. A new child seat fastening system will be standard. A number of new color and wheel options will be available on various models. Opera windows don't seem to be an option, but we can't discount the possibility for a future update.

Smart has only revealed one photo of the cloth top, so it's not clear how the design will look on what is already an interesting-looking car. Smart claim its blurring the borders between a soft top and a solid roof. Really, it just seems that they're blurring the already murky line between retro and ridiculous. No one's been pining for a return to 1970s automotive styling.

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