Pokémon Go is occupying seemingly everyone's phone time, but there's still something missing for automotive enthusiasts that enjoyed the series as younglings. Ever wondered what your favorite Pokémon would look like as a car? CarWow has mashed Pokémon and similar-looking models together to answer that rhetorical question.

Everyone's favorite Pokémon, Pikachu, has been rendered as a Nissan Juke. The compact SUV has been fitted with red dots for cheeks, a set of pointy ears, a smiling grille, and a lighting bolt-shaped wing for a tail. While the drawing faithfully brings the beloved character to life as a car, we think a Pikachu might be better matched with something small, agile, and peppy – like the Ford Fiesta ST.

CarWow went into excruciating detail with nine other Pokémon cars, which include Squirtle as a Volkswagen Beetle, Bulbasaur as a Range Rover Evoque Convertible, Charmander as a Porsche Cayman, Meowth as a Mercedes-AMG GT R, Jigglypuff as a Fiat 500, Snorlax as a Porsche Macan, Mewtwo as a Lexus LC500, Lapras as a Nissan Figaro, and Togepi as a Mazda RX-8. Be sure to visit CarWow to see all of the Pokémon car mashup renderings.

While these are all good, safe fun, Pokémon Go players have had a hard time disconnecting from the game when driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put out a message to remind players to put their Poké Balls down when on the road, and there have been several accidents that reportedly resulted from trainer-related distraction. Other stories of wandering players helping motorists in need have also surfaced, so maybe Pokémon Go isn't a total waste of time.

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