Automotive April Fools' Day jokes rarely become real product, but then again, they're generally flights of fancy. The E92 M3-based BMW pickup truck from 2011 is a notable exception – M built it for hauling parts. Now, BMW might seriously be looking into a vehicle with a bed. Speaking to Australia's Motoring, Australian Marketing Manager Marc Werner dropped a few hints that the German brand is at least studying the feasibility of a truck or ute.

"Never say never," Werner told Motoring. "We're watching the space closely."

According to Motoring, Werner's statements are a big deal because they're in stark contrast to what BMW Asia, Pacific, and South Africa boss Hendrik von Kuenheim said a year ago – that BMW is "definitely not" building a truck. The Aussies seem to think this means, along with arch-nemesis Mercedes-Benz's new midsize pickup, BMW's position on its first-ever truck might be softening.

Since the Australians (probably) started bouncing with glee over the idea of a roundel-adorned pickup, Werner was quick to temper expectations. He told Motoring that a pickup is far easier for Munich's rivals.

"It's easier for Mercedes because they have commercial vehicles and trucks and vans. We do not. And perhaps it's easier for Audi. Just take the Amarok, why not?" Werner said. "Yes it's harder for us but we'll be watching how Benz goes."

While we wouldn't count on Munich building a truck/ute in the near future, Motoring does make a good point – in 2016, a BMW pickup sounds as crazy as a front-drive Bimmer did in 2006. In other news, the new China-only 1 Series debuted yesterday. It's BMW's second front-driver after the 2 Series Active Tourer.

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