A walk in the woods can be a peaceful experience or the start of a horror movie. For a woman in Boston last week, one quickly became the other when she accidentally stumbled upon something unnatural lurking in the forest.

Video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube. She spotted a dark blob lumbering through the trees while out for a walk with her dog. What she filmed on the trail is actually a robot from Alphabet's Boston Dynamics. Luckily this metal man can't get too far without its human minders. Engineers followed the robot on a golf cart, carrying their creation's battery pack.

Boston Dynamics isn't a group of mad men bent on world domination (that we know of) but rather a company that builds robots with extremely advanced mobility, agility, dexterity, and speed. The company works with the government to develop robots for military use. Here's a clearer video of these mechanical marvels in action:

Boston Dynamics is also responsible for Spot, a robot with four legs that can recover from almost any push and stay upright, as well as the Sand Flee, a tiny wheeled robot that can leap into the air using a spring designed after jumping insects. Recently, Engadget reported that Alphabet was looking to unload Boston Dynamics to Toyota's Research Institute. The Japanese car company is already at the forefront of robotic technology, though its robots are slightly more adorable than Boston Dynamics' lumbering, multi-limbed monsters. We probably wouldn't mind running across Toyota's Kirobo in a dark wood.

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