There's a lot going on with the new Ford GT. Like any good supercar, it has big demands for air, both in managing it to get up to speed and to take it in when needed to keep its engine and other drivetrain components cool. This video from Ford shows how the company makes sure it will do those things. It involves a wind tunnel, a guy with a special fog hose, and some disembodied heads in the background.

While it might not be the most exciting video, it does give us a good look at the car's active aero pieces. The little shutter under the lower grille is shown in action, as is the very movable rear wing. The magic wand of fog also highlights how the hood extractors pull in air from the front of the car and spit it out. We commend the wand wielder for standing there in 125-mph winds. Maybe he has special shoes.

Expect more teaser videos like this one between now and when the cars start showing up to whoever is getting them.

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