Ford issued three separate recalls Wednesday affecting over 8,500 vehicles, including 7,000 of its most important models.

The 2015 and 2016 Explorer and F-150 represent the bulk of the recalled vehicles. In an unusual instance, the affected models come from two different facilities and ride on two different platforms but suffer from the same issue – a bad weld on the driver's rear seatback. According to Ford, the seats "may not adequately restrain an occupant in a crash, increasing the risk of injury."

Ford built the affected F-150s at its Dearborn Assembly Plant between February 20 and 25 of 2016, and at Kansas City Assembly between February 17 and 24. The Explorers rolled out of Chicago Assembly between February 17 and March 7 of 2016. Ford will swap out the current driver seat backrest for a new unit.

Ford also recalled 949 Focus Electric hatchbacks from model years 2015 and 2016. Built at Michigan Assembly between August 20, 2015 and April 13, 2016, and at Saarlouis Assembly, in Germany, between February 28 and March 30 of 2016, the affected EVs need a new transmission differential assembly. The current assemblies' differential pinion shaft could wear out, fracturing the pinion shaft and causing the car to lose power and park function. According to Ford, the new differential assemblies are "equipped with a friction-reducing coating on both the pinion shaft and pinion gear bores."

Finally, Ford will replace the brake hydraulic control unit on 600 2016 Transit Connect vans. The affected vehicles, all built at the Blue Oval's Valencia, Spain, factory between February 22 and April 9, 2016, could suddenly lose pump performance from the brake hydraulic control unit. With a loss of pump performance, drivers would be without just about every electronic nanny – "electronic stability control and related systems including roll stability control, anti-lock braking system, emergency brake assist, curve control, trailer sway control, traction control and hill start assist performance" could all fail without warning, Ford says.

The company hasn't received any reports of deaths or injuries relating to the recalls. Ford will notify owners of the affected vehicles and ask them to report to their local dealer for free repairs.

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