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As if the line lock feature on the 2017 Chevy Camaro ZL1 wasn't sweet enough, the way it was revealed was even better. Running up the hill at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed, GM Global Lead for Product Development chief Mark Reuss stopped on the track, activated the function, and left the crowd "swaythed in factory rubber smoke" to quote the British announcers.

The function is activated through the launch control menu when the car is in Track mode and the transmission is in Drive or first gear. Once the line is activated in lock in the instrument cluster screen, the driver presses 80 pounds of pressure on the brake pedal. A status bar in the multifunction screen show a readout up to 100 percent. Then, mash the gas and light up the tires. The feature is intended for prepping for a drag strip run. But wait, there's more. Press both center buttons on the steering wheel pads - cruise control on the left and select on the right - and a rolling burnout kicks in. Line lock works for 15 seconds before cutting throttle.

Of course there are constraints. Steering wheel angle input or an open door will automatically deactivate line lock, so no ghost-riding this whip. And if you hit the gas before the brake pressure is fully applied, the electronic parking kicks on.

The ZL1 goes on sale this fall with a conservative estimate of 640 horsepower.

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