The fuel economy scandal revealed a couple months ago will cost Mitsubishi Motors a pretty penny. According to The New York Times, the Japanese automaker predicted the fiscal year 2016 will result in a loss of 145 billion yen, or $1.39 billion. We won't know for sure until March rolls around.

The prediction is even more striking when compared to Mitsubishi's performance during the last few years. It will be Mitsubishi's first reported loss in eight years. In 2014, Mitsubishi reported a global profit of $1.2 billion, which doubled the profits of the previous year, and in the spring of 2015 the US arm of the manufacturer reported its first profits in seven years – $4.18 million. For a little while there, it seemed like things were looking really good for Mitsubishi, but past flaws caught up with it. Some of the models built have had their fuel economy readings rounded by as much as 15 percent, due to the way running resistance is calculated in laboratory conditions.

Nissan swept in to buy one third of Mitsubishi, and under the Renault-Nissan alliance it is likely Mitsubishi will be put on a crash course to clear its name and start turning a profit again. But the bad publicity caused by the scandal will probably mean it'll be far in the future.

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