EVS29: EVs for seniors, solar roofs on cars, and electric street sweepers

Tweet, tweet, tweet.

For green car geeks who'd like to spend a bit of time checking out some electric vehicle research results, this post's for you. At the EVS29 in Montreal, Canada this week, there was a poster display, as one might expect. During a "Dialogue with the Experts" session, I wandered the display and talked to some of the researchers who were showing off what they'd learned. I put it all on Twitter.

But maybe you don't follow us on Twitter, or maybe you just weren't paying attention during the Tweetfest with all of these posters. For you, I've collected the poster Tweets below. Each one has a short highlight of the poster in the text and then a picture of the poster. You should be able to read the details of each one by enlarging the image. The breadth and depth of the research happening on the EV front is pretty astonishing, and you can get a taste of it all below.

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