This teaser video is short, but for those in the know it's exactly the right length to know what's up. Chris Harris, one of the hosts of the newly revamped, post-Clarkson/Hammond/May Top Gear, used to run a little YouTube channel. Basically, he'd narrate some insightful details while roasting the tires and traveling mostly sideways. It was highly enjoyable.

And, with very few changes, it seems Harris will be able to continue doing his schtick on YouTube, just on the BBC's Top Gear channel. The format will be a little different than Top Gear's entertainment-first model. Harris will bring, in his words, more technical details and in-depth analysis to his videos.

This new series of videos doesn't have much to do with Top Gear, it seems, but it does allow Harris to do what he does best. On the telly front, with the other Chris, Mr. Evans, taking a lesser role in the show due to an unrelentingly negative reception by viewers, perhaps Harris and his equally talented and charismatic hosts will get to play a larger role.

Either way, it seems like things are slowly, haltingly going in the right direction. Give Top Gear a little while to sort itself out, and in the meantime, get to know Chris Harris in his element.

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