Forza Horizon 3 drew first blood at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, but Gran Turismo Sport just struck back with its own in-game footage, a nine-minute run across multiple circuits, the vehicle showroom, and the game's new photo stages.

Gran Turismo Sport's visuals are lovely. Polyphony Digital packed this demo with photo-realistic scenery and beautifully rendered cars. The lighting effects, especially in the tunnels along the Tokyo circuit, are divine – better than Forza Motorsport 6 and maybe better than Horizon 3. This footage's one shortcoming is the lack of in-car camera angles – we're stuck with front bumper and replay footage.

Our one holdback is we're not sure if the new game adequately improves on Gran Turismo's long-running fault of artificial engine sounds. We believe Kazunori Yamauchi's claim that the GT team used a new audio system for Sport, but based solely on the YouTube the audio still has Gran Turismo's traditional fake audio and lack of depth. It's possible the game will sound richer and more immersive in its final build, running off a Playstation 4, and piped through a proper audio setup. But it's worth noting that we're not alone in questioning Gran Turismo Sport's audio.

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