Lego might be a child's toy, but it enjoys a large following among adults. This has bred highly advanced, detailed creations, some of which take hours to build. Like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS Technic kit.

The 2,704-piece kit's detail is remarkable. But the sheer array of parts doesn't really explain how long it takes to put together. For one, Brick Builder's 25-minute video, embedded above, is a time lapse. Yes, a 25-minute time lapse. It shows an assembly guide with 856 individual steps that looks like it's about two inches thick. There are less detailed owner's manuals.

The video itself is mesmerizing. Watching each individual part come together into recognizable components is just like watching an actual car being assembled, only it's plastic instead of metal. In fact, guessing what the components will become is a big part of the fun. If you just want to see the body come together, you'll want to fast forward to segment three, around the 16-minute mark.

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