UPDATE: Added official pricing.

Ford announced a very blue-collar option for its most white-collar pickup trucks this week. "Premium" vinyl floors are coming to the Super Duty King Ranch and Platinum trims.

While vinyl floors on something like a $58,000-luxury pickup might make for an odd juxtaposition, we have to admit, Ford's application here looks like it deserves the "premium" part of its name. Rather than loose, ill-fitting floors, like you get on a work truck, Ford used thicker vinyl and molded the Super Duty's floors properly. The results are impressive – it doesn't look cheap at all.

"Super Duty customers want a truck that can rival luxury cars in comfort and technology without having to worry about it getting dirty," Ford truck group marketing manager Doug Scott said in a statement. "They want the luxury of a King Ranch or Platinum edition, while maintaining their ability to use the truck for work without fear of ruining the interior."

The new floors are standard on the 2017 Super Duty XL and will be optional on the XLT, King Ranch, and Platinum. We've reached out to Ford to see what impact the vinyl option will have on the price of its range-topping models, but we'd bet the durable flooring is either a no-cost option or even a discount. As soon as we hear back from Ford, we'll update this post. Ford and Consumer Reports auto analyst Mel Yu confirmed that the vinyl floor will be a $115 option on the 2017 F-250 King Ranch and Platinum.

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