Congratulations - it's your birthday, and it's the day you have been waiting for - you are old enough to get your permit to learn how to drive! While as a driver, you are excited and been waiting for this day, your parents may not be as excited. While driving affords young drivers the freedom to go places on their own without relying on parents or others to taken them, it also opens up a whole new set of concerns and worries.

In order for new drivers to obtain their driver's license, they need to prove that they are capable of operating an automobile safely and within the rules of the road. In order to do that they need to have many hours of practice in all conditions. They need to be able to drive on roads and highways, during daylight and nighttime hours. Once they have practiced sufficiently, they need to ensure they get the necessary classroom and on road experience. After they have reached these, they can take their road test to receive their license to drive. However, rules vary, so check with your local driving division.

But getting your license is only the beginning of the journey to be a safe driver. In fact, you continue to learn about driving conditions and how to deal with other factors while driving your auto. Being a defensive driver can safe you and others from potential dangers resulting from an accident. In addition, you need to learn how to operate your vehicle in all types of weather conditions. And, one of the biggest concerns today for new drivers is the dangers of distracted driving.

One of the biggest teachers going forward for young drivers are parents. Parents need to continue to remind new drivers about the importance of being safe drivers. To help parents and drivers learn about some of the issues facing drivers, we have put together a number of useful websites that cover a wide range of areas. Please take the time to review this information and feel free to share with other parents and drivers. The ultimate goal for everyone is to create safe new drivers!

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Learning to drive the right way

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Safe driving

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Being a defensive driver

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Driving in bad weather

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Additional driving tips and resources

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