Question of the Day: Coolest-looking intake manifold?

You don't see the intakes on most new cars these days, but they were once works of art.

Now that most engines hide beneath plastic covers and all the stuff that makes big power happen is electronic and/or buried too deeply to see, the car companies no longer have much motivation to make cool-looking intake manifolds. Not many years ago, however, you'd see shiny ranks of tubes or Germanically sensible cast aluminum runners when you popped a car's hood. There was the original Ford Taurus SHO and its wild-looking Yamaha-designed V6 intake. There was just about any V12 intake. There was the spider-ish Porsche 928 intake.

1960 Sonoramic Commando intake

And, if you go all the way back to the 1960 model year, there was the gloriously ridiculous Chrysler Sonoramic Commando engine, with its intake runners that stretched all the way across both sides of the engine, to dual carburetors placed at the extreme edges of the engine bay. Sure, there were some issues running this setup on a daily driver, but who cares? This is my vote for coolest-looking intake. What's yours?

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