Pennsylvania horse catches ride in man's minivan

Dogs riding in cars are a pretty common scene, as are cats, birds, and all manner of smaller creatures. A scene captured on video in Pennsylvania is, however, a horse of a different color.

On Saturday, June 4, a small crowd of passersby in Eaton, Pennsylvania were treated to a strange and hilarious sight. According to UPI, a pedestrian in Eaton filmed a blue minivan pull up to an intersection with an odd passenger. Riding shotgun in the blue Toyota Sienna was a white horse. The shooter zoomed in to get a better look at the horse and the driver waved at the bemused and chattering crowd.

"That's a beautiful one!" called a man from the crowd, and the van pulled away from the intersection leaving behind more questions than answers.

Large animals cruising around in cars is typically a Central and Eastern European or Middle Eastern thing, but there have been some well-known car loving horses stateside. The late Patches the Horse, owned by equine entrepreneurs Herbert and Robert Thompson, became a minor internet sensation back in the mid-aughts. Patches, to whom the horse in PA bore a passing resemblance, rolled a customized old-school Mercury Grand Marquis and enjoyed going on burger and beer runs with his colorful owners.

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