Ten years can be both a blink of an eye and an eternity. It certainly doesn't seem like a decade since we first started reporting about the Scott's Valley, California startup Zero Motorcycles, but on the other hand, its no stretch to say its original Drift trail bike is light years away from the robust products it offers today.

Founded by Neal Saiki, originally under the name Electricross, the electric motorcycle manufacturer has ridden down the battery-powered path to viability long enough to celebrate its 10th birthday, succeeding where so many others have failed, by continually improving its products and keeping the confidence of it financial backers.

To mark the milestone, it is offering a couple different deals. First, if you buy a 2016 Zero S, SR, DS, or DSR before the end of June, you get $1,000 back ($650, in the case of the FX or FXS). It has also created a 10th anniversary edition of its popular DSR model of which it will build fifty examples.

Finish-wise, the celebratory version of Zero's speedy dual-sport comes painted in high gloss, metallic black with a 10th anniversary graphic, and pinstriped wheels. It also comes equipped with a Charge Tank that allows you to plug into any of the ubiquitous J1772 level 2 chargers about and triple your recharge speed, a windscreen and hand guards, and a minimalistic rear rack. While the $18,995 price tag for the birthday bike is a decent deal if you were interested in the added accessories, it is not eligible for the $1,000 cash back.

You can browse through the company's history and achievements over the years at a special webpage it has set up – be sure to click on photos to bring up video. It's been quite a journey, and Zero Motorcycles now dominates the segment with a lineup that offers solid performance for a comparatively reasonable price. We can only hope it continues to innovate and improve over the next ten years.

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