Following its two-car showing at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, McLaren Special Operations has turned out another special edition 675LT Spider – the Carbon Series LT.

The last time McLaren's custom division touched a droptop 675LT, it was this lovely Ceramic Gray model shown in Geneva. This new one ditches the paint altogether, opting for exposed carbon fiber across the entire body. According to MSO, an extra 40 percent of the body panels are carbon fiber – the "retractable roof and tonneau, A-pillars, bonnet and rear deck, side blades, complete front and rear wings, and even fuel filler flap" are all finished in the stuff. That's on top of the pieces that were already carbon-fiber, like the front bumper, splitter, side skirts, side intakes, rear fenders, rear deck, bumper, diffuser, and airbrake. McLaren went with a gloss finish all around.

What hasn't changed is the 675LT's powerplant. A 666-horsepower, 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8 remains on duty. McLaren hasn't published any performance metrics for the MSO Carbon Series LT, but replacing a painted body with an exposed carbon-fiber one should lead to a healthy drop in weight, which in turn should improve acceleration, braking, and handling.

MSO is only building 25 Carbon Series LTs, and they've all been spoken for. McLaren is selling these 25 cars in addition to the 675LT's original 500-unit run, though, so at the very least, your chances of purchasing a used long-tail in the future have increased, if only incrementally. Oh, and if you're waiting for delivery of your standard long-tail and think you can just ask real nicely for some more carbon fiber, McLaren claims the "significant additional development work by the team of MSO craftsmen," prevents swapping the normal car's body panels for the carbon-fiber pieces.

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