Recharge Wrap-up: Marseille's EV bus, Samsung dumps fuel cells

Exxon Mobil invests in fuel cell technology.

Samsung SDI is bowing out of the fuel cell competition to focus on the battery business. The company says it is selling off patents and equipment associated with the fuel cell industry, citing an unfavorable outlook, while investing a further $2.3 billion toward building batteries for electric vehicles. Kolon Industries is reportedly negotiating to buy many of those fuel cell assets. Samsung recently dumped other unprofitable interests like its plasma TV and chemical businesses. "We should burn fat in our tissues and bulk up muscles to win from heated competition with our chief rivals," Samsung SDI CEO Cho Nam-seong told employees in a New Year message. Read more at Hybrid Cars .

Exxon Mobil is expanding its fuel cell interests. The oil company, which has recently come under fire for its poor environmental record, is expanding a research project with FuelCell Energy to capture carbon emissions from power plants more cheaply. Exxon, the US's largest natural gas provider, wants to use fuel cells to capture CO2 from natural gas-fired plants, rather than the carbon scrubbers that are widely used across the industry. Read more from Fortune.

RTM, the transit system of Marseilles, France, has put into operation its first electric bus. The Irizar i2e is a 39-foot EV bus powered by a 374-kWh battery pack, offering 124 to 155 miles of driving between charges, enough for day's worth of duty. It recharges in about five hours. RTM is also testing two hybrid articulated buses, with plans to test more types of hybrids in the future. Read more at Green Car Congress.

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