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Monitor your car with the CarLock Anti­-Theft System

This handy device lets you GPS track your car, prevent accidents, and much more.

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Consider the CarLock Anti­-Theft System your car's vigilant bodyguard. More than just an alarm to prevent break­-ins, this handy device and its accompanying app it keeps you informed of all potential issues­­dead batteries, collisions, and more.

Ever lent your car to someone you didn't fully trust? The sensor will tell you if the borrower is driving like an F1 racer. And you may even qualify for car insurance premium reductions just for using CarLock – just check with your provider to see if that's an option.

Some key details on CarLock:

● Automatically notify your emergency contact in case of a collision
● Get alerts as to when your battery is low
● Receive warnings if the driver of a particular vehicle is driving recklessly
● Track your stolen vehicle (or locate it when it's lost)
● Use its backup battery to notify you if the device is disconnected

To get started, plug the CarLock device into your car's OBD connector, and that's it. You can monitor your car from a mobile app from anywhere in the world...or don't monitor it, because CarLock will do it for you. This device and full one-­year subscription to CarLock Cloud is just $114.99 with free shipping included, for a limited time.

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