We can't really explain the meteoric rise of the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube, so we're not going to try. Instead, we'll just admit that it's oddly enjoyable to watch people crush random objects under the tremendous pressure of a massive hydraulic press. It's simply mesmerizing. For their latest video, the crew crushes an engine and a motorcycle helmet. If that doesn't sound all that interesting, keep reading.

In order to add the appropriate amount of visual flair, the engine that's crushed inside the jaws of death is running. But not for long. After the cylinder is put under sufficient pressure that the piston locks up, the engine grinds to an immediate halt. Later, the piston gets the crushing treatment separately. Our favorite part, though, is the crushing end of the crankcase and block of this single-cylinder powerplant.

To top it all off, a motorcycle helmet gives its life to protect the watermelon head it so lovingly cossets. Sadly, the melon doesn't last long, but at least it's the kind of melon you eat and not the kind you think with. Either way, the end result is a mess. Check out the video above, and if you like what you see, we'd suggest perusing the channel's previous flicks.

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