We're suckers for wordplay and we like donuts. Combine the two, and you get a Formula Drift driver spinning a Nissan 370Z as a means of applying toppings to a dessert that is somehow acceptable to eat for breakfast.

Nissan made the video to celebrate National Donut Day. It seems Chris Forsberg, driver and wannabe pastry chef, doesn't quite get the basics of food safety, but that's okay. He made 15 passes with a 370Z NISMO riding on a bed of 2,800 pounds of rainbow sprinkles. (If you call them "jimmies" we won't hold it against you.)

The result? A colorful mess and 27 dozen donuts that hopefully no one ate. Grab your favorite holey cake and watch the madness above, and don't miss the disclaimer that reads in part "DO NOT DECORATE DONUTS USING A CAR." Good advice.

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