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As a car guy with a family who doesn't have the money or space to own multiple cars, choosing the right car is a game of balance. You want to be shoved back in your seat by a wave of torque, but you also need a car that's easy to drive in traffic. You want to feel the car communicating with you when pushing it around a corner, but you need to fit a rear-facing car seat behind you and another behind the passenger.

There's also the question of whether you lease or buy something new, or go for something used. The appeal of the used car is potentially finding something much more exciting, but with added maintenance woes and other inherent unpredictabilities. And for a new car, generally you're getting the latest in technology, safety, design, and in some cases easier financing.

Personally, I couldn't justify getting a car without four or five doors. It's not unheard of for someone to try and pass off a coupe as a family car by pointing out that it does indeed have a backseat, but let's be real here. Unless your kids are in that small window of time between when they're old enough to climb in and out of the back on their own and safely buckle-up, but not too big to comfortably sit back there, a 2+2 is not a family car, especially if (as in this thought experiment) it's your only car.

Undoubtedly, there will be different definitions of "fun to drive" in the comments here. A Dodge Charger SRT could be one guy's dream but another's land-yacht, just as a Fiesta ST could be your top choice and a nightmare for someone else. Plus, a lot of you probably are in this situation right now and can chime in on what you drive. From GTIs to WRXs, and G37s to STs, what cars out there do you think best hit that balance between driving pleasure and family practicality?

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