Dashcam records spectacular rally crash from two angles

Rally racing is a fantastically dangerous sport, and this video posted by YouTube user Denis Fefko shows just how spectacular rally crashes can be.

Martin Kdér and his co-driver Radek Sladkovský were piloting a classic Skoda 130LR – a rear-engined rally prepped sedan originally designed to compete in Group B Rally events – at the 2016 Podbrdská Rally Legend in the Czech Republic. The race started normally enough, and the team was doing well through the gravel stage until something went wrong on a mild left-hander and the car left the road at speed.

Once in the grass, the Skoda narrowly missed a tree, flipped, and went airborne. Footage recorded by the Skoda's dashcam captured the violent crash with a strange twist. During the initial flip, the car's windshield shattered and fell out, taking the dashcam with it. There was a disorienting moment where the camera captured nothing but the shattered windshield, then grass, then the Skoda with Kdér and Sladkovský still in it sailing over and spinning in midair.

Thankfully, Kdér and Sladkovský escaped the crash without serious injury. The poor Skoda suffered tremendous damage however. The whole front end – engine, hood, and all – was compressed nearly through the firewall, the driver's door was torn off, and the roof caved in during the crash. Check out another angle of the crash in the video below.

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