An angry Australian driver attempted to run a cyclist off the road this week in a fit of road rage, according to the Daily Mail. The cyclist, known only as Sean H, was commuting to work in the leftmost lane of King Street in Melbourne when he passed a slower cyclist. At that point, a driver in a white Holden Rodeo came into his lane and attempted to run him off the road. The cyclist's helmet camera recorded the running altercation, in which the Holden driver repeatedly swerved at the cyclist and the two exchanged some heated, profanity-laden remarks. The tirade continued as the two waited at a traffic light calling one another names and arguing about who had the right to use a traffic lane.

"I swung the camera around to get his number plate and you can see in the video that there was very light traffic and absolutely no vehicles in any of the other lanes on the road that could have prevented him from just passing by and going on his way," Sean H told the Daily Mail.

"Instead, he went out of his way to try and collide his vehicle into me and attempted to run me off the road. He claimed I was not entitled to ride in the lane and I should get out of his way." Here in the United States, it seems like every week packs of surly drivers are brawling in traffic or running over motorcycles or pulling guns on one another. The US doesn't have a monopoly on impatient, aggressive drivers with anger management issues, however. Back in February, a nut in a Land Rover tried to run a cyclist off the road with no provocation.

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