A Calgary motorist got a surprising lesson in predator-prey relationships when she witnessed a wolf chase its lunch across a highway last week. According to the CBC, Christine Campbell was traveling along Highway 40 in Kananaskis Country west of Calgary on May 27. As she neared the entrance to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, she spotted a wolf pursuing a herd of bighorn sheep along the highway shoulder. She pulled out her phone and began filming.

"I was thinking it's kind of strange for them to be running. And then, right as I was thinking that the wolf just jutted out to the side," Campbell told CBC.

As she filmed, the wolf caught up with a sizable calf from the herd and maneuvered it into traffic. The sheep fled across the highway, through traffic, with the wolf in close pursuit. After narrowly dodging one vehicle, the wolf caught the bighorn on the opposite shoulder and brought it down. The wolf then dragged its prey to the tree line. Despite cheering on the sheep throughout the video, Campbell told the CBC that she decided not to interfere.

"The wolf needs to eat too and maybe he had wolf cubs to feed," Campbell explained.

It's a good thing too. When park visitors interact with wild animals, things usually end disastrously for the animal. On May 9, a well-meaning tourist at Yellowstone National Park loaded a baby Bison into the back of his car because the creature looked cold, according to the Washington Post. The Bison was then euthanized because its mother rejected it after interference with humans. The Alberta Wilderness Association estimates that there are around 4,000 wolves currently living in the wild in Alberta. Albertan wolves are a subspecies of the Northwestern Wolf (Canis Lupus Occidentalis), and are among the largest living wolf species.

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