For the new series of the BBC's Top Gear, the familiar test track has been reimagined. Gone is the Astra that the celebrities used to bash around the track, replaced by a rallycross Mini. And what better way to get acquainted to the new track than a 360° video of a lap around the track? It's even presented to us by the Top Gear Chris we like, Chris Harris!

Harris gets the Mini fantastically sideways on the asphalt sections, and gives it some stick through the gravel sections and splashes of water. It's a bumpy ride tailored for the kitted-out Mini – even if one can't help but wonder if it would be better television to see a fish-out-of-water car like a humdrum, front-wheel-drive Astra thrashed through the course instead. The Mini almost has it too easy, even if celebrity drivers will surely find the track hard to master.

As a note of functionality, the video will only play as intended if you are using Google Chrome, says Top Gear.

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